The Property Management Staffing Problem & How Tech Can Help [Part 2]

In Part 1 of our property management staffing problems series (which you can read here), we shared how property ops tech solutions can support & empower your management team, and help fill in any operational gaps. Of course, actualizing those benefits comes from implementing and adopting your new technology – a process that’s much better if you can get your team onboard.

That’s what we’re focusing on today – how to get your team to embrace the change that comes with new property operations tech.

It’s no easy task, but it’s certainly a worthy one. Getting early interest and involvement can stem any friction that comes with changes in general, and ensure you start seeing maximum value out of your new tech ASAP.

We break down how to get your team excited, get them onboard, and make them happier step by step:

First Things First: Getting Buy-In


Tip 1: Early Evaluators Become Early Adopters

Apprehension about change in the status quo – “the way we’ve always done things” – is normal. That said, the last thing you want is new technology scaring off your team. Finding the right solution that actually works for your staff can break down any anxiety folks may have.

Bringing folks on early in the process to evaluate tech you’re looking has a few benefits. Not only do you get valuable input about what kind of solutions will work well for your team – you also get to demonstrate trust in your onsite leaders & underscore their importance to your organization. Inviting them to be a part of the process, even the end stages, makes folks feel like they’re a bigger part of a project, and makes them more invested in that project’s success.

So if you invite your Head of Maintenance or key property management team members to early demo meetings, they’ll be a core part of the team from the outset & can help you get the rest of your organization committed to the better way of doing things.


Tip 2: Show The “What’s In It For Me?”

Of course, everyone can get excited about change when there’s something in it for them personally. That’s especially true if it’s an improved quality of life and a better day-to-day experience at work. The best property operations solutions will offer benefits to everyone on your team – from execs at the top, to folks on the ground.

In the case of inspection apps and other onsite tools, anything that saves your team time or frustration (“I don’t have to circle back to the office to submit reports anymore…I can manage my day from wherever I am…I don’t have to deal with direct resident texts/calls, and can prioritize work as it comes in”) is a great reason for change. The sooner you communicate that to your team, the sooner they’ll be willing to make a shift in how they operate.

As a side bonus, any solution that tracks work performance and progress can also be used by your team members to show consistency and improvement in their role. It’s a nice way for folks to share how they’re doing, and have the data to back it up.


Tip 3: Define New Opportunities

Another benefit to new tech is the opportunities it brings for specific roles across your organization. Anyone looking to take on more responsibility or a different kind of work challenge can become a champion for your chosen solution, ensuring their colleagues are trained, prepared, and have the resources they need internally.

It’s a great way for staffers to gain more and different skills, especially in the areas of team management, leadership, implementation, and collaboration. And, of course, having an internal champion and solution “enforcer” means your entire organization can realize the value of your new solution much more quickly and fully.


Prioritize Adoption

Once you’ve got buy-in from key folks, it’s time to focus on the next step – getting your chosen tech in the hands of your team, and getting them up and running.

Any time you want to introduce new tech to your staff, it’s critical to get onboarding and adoption right. Making your team is excited and invested from the jump – typically the first few weeks – will ensure your plan is set up for maximum long term success.

Some teams establish fun challenges to ensure high early adoption, or publicly recognize team members who dive in and engage with your solution (like callouts and kudos for most inspections performed, most tasks completed, most logins, etc.). Others set up a gradual program, introducing more features and functionality over time so folks can ease into change and feel comfortable with what’s on their plate.

Remember – whichever tech solution you choose, see their team as an extension of your team. Lean on your solution’s support and success teams for evaluating industry best practices, training programs and ideas, and ensuring your team is operating at its highest levels. They’re a partner in your success, so they’ll make every effort to ensure everyone at your org has what they need to perform at the highest levels.


Reap The Benefits Together

Bottom line – new tech doesn’t just benefit folks making the decision, or people working at a certain location (office versus onsite). When everyone on a team realizes how they can benefit from operational change, everyone pushes for success. And that’s exactly what you want – staff members that feel great about what they’re doing individually and together, and know how to execute with excellence. The more confident folks are in their everyday work & how it ladders up to your team’s success, the happier they’ll be.

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