Two Big Changes in NYC Compliance This Week

The huge piece of agency news this week was the official launch of the DOF’s Forgiving Fines program, aka ECB Amnesty – if you need to brush up on the details, make sure to read our Ultimate Guide to ECB Amnesty.

That said, there are two more NYC agency developments that you should be aware of. Here’s what else is happening in the world of compliance:

Proposed FDNY rule: FSD/EAPD Certificate of Fitness to Fire and Life Safety Director

The FDNY recently proposed to repeal rules related to the Fire Safety Director and Emergency Action Plan Director Certificates of Fitness. These would be replaced by a new certification for a Fire and Life Safety Director. In addition, the replacement rule would outline requirements for active shooter and medical emergency training courses.

You can read the text of the proposed rule here. The proposed rule would implement the new Certificate of Fitness for a Fire and Life Safety Director, initially outlined in the new 2014 Fire Code. Anyone with the new COF would have to obtain training for active shooter/medical emergencies in addition to general requirements. Per the proposed rule, as of March 1, 2019, all occupancies that currently require Fire Safety/EAP Directors or Fire Safety Directors would have to be staffed by someone holding a Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Director Certificate of Fitness instead. There are also dates outlined for getting non-fire emergency training for current COF holders.

It’s important to note that while this change was proposed, it’s not yet written in stone – the FDNY is holding a public hearing to discuss this change at MetroTech Center on Monday, September 19th at 11 AM. You can also submit comments on the rule via their website/mail. Comments are accepted through Monday.

DOF Launches new e-Services website for Taxes

The Department of Finance has had quite a week. In addition to launching Forgiving Fines, they’ve also launched a new website portal, making filing returns more straightforward and secure. You can now opt-out of paper notifications and into e-notifications, as well as file short forms, extension, declarations, and estimated tax payments. Payments and credits will appear in your account history for reference, alongside letters and notices.

You can register/log on to e-Services here, and find e-Services FAQs at this link.

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