WATCH: Local Law 97 Recap – Know The Requirements & Penalties

Local Law 97 (and its associated penalties) are coming faster than you think.

SiteCompli’s webinar series recently hosted Marc Zuluaga, CEO of Steven Winter Associates and an expert in energy and sustainability consulting. Marc explained all the basics of Local Law 97 – the city’s new mandate to limit building emissions significantly staring in 2024.

While that date seems like a long way away, preparing for this massive new regulation for covered buildings (anything over 25K square feet) will take time, especially depending on the size of your portfolio.

Plan ahead – watch SiteCompli’s webinar now, and find out what you’ll need to be prepared.

New to SiteCompli Webinars? Watch all of our webinars on-demand here, and join us live for our series starting up again in 2020!

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