What You Need to Know About the Anti-Harassment Training Requirements

Per the newest New York State and New York City requirements, all employers must provide anti-harrasment training for all employees. 

In the last year and half, both NYC and NY State passed legislation requiring annual anti-sexual harassment training for all employees. There are some differences in requirements between state and city laws, so we’re breaking it down for you below to ensure that you have an understanding of how these laws will affect you.

Here’s what you need to know about these new requirements:

What is the deadline for the training?

  • While NYC has a later deadline, in order to be compliant with NY State, all training must be completed by October 7th, 2019. This means that all employees must be trained and all employers must have records of completed trainings by that date.
  • Both NY State and NYC require annual trainings. More specifically, NYC requires organizations with 15 employees or more to undergo annual training. However, NY State has no minimum requirement, which means that all employers in NYC and NY State, regardless of size, will have to complete annual training.

Who will be required to take the training?

  • All employees, regardless of title or department, must complete a mandatory anti-sexual harassment training course.
  • This includes all short-term and part-time employees or interns who work more than 80 hours in a calendar year, and at least for 90 days.
  • Moving forward, all new hires who have not completed the training with a previous employer must receive training. It is important to note that it is the current employer’s responsibility to provide records of the training, regardless of who provided the training. To avoid risk, we recommend training all new hires within 90 days.

What additional requirements are there for all NY State (including NYC) employers?

  • Employers must keep a record of all trainings for three years.
  • Training must be interactive – it can be in the form of questions, or an electronic quiz.
  • Training must include information concerning federal & state statutory provisions concerning remedies.
  • Employers must have a sexual harrasment policy in place. NY State provides a model policy that employers can implement.

What are the NYC-specific additional requirements?

  • NYC Employers must display anti-sexual harassment rights & responsibilities notice in both English & Spanish
  • NYC Employers must distribute a factsheet to employees at time of hire. This can be included in an employee handbook.

How can you get your team trained ASAP?

  • SiteCompli Learning, our online training portal, offers on-demand, city and state-compliant courses for anti-harassment training. Minimize your organization’s risks and ensure that your team is throroughly trained before October 7th!

For more details on what’s outlined above, watch our on-demand webinar “How to Comply with NYC’s Anti-Harrasment Training Requirements”.

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