Why Productivity is Your Biggest Property Management Pain

Property managers are desperate to find a solution for this one glaring problem.

The most pressing issue we’ve heard from property managers and their cohorts is the problem of productivity – the reality that property management carries a never-ending list of tasks and interactions with a high probability of surprises and a low tolerance for letting things slip through the cracks:

  • Following up on the status of projects and jobs takes longer than actually doing the work – especially when more people are involved
  • Everyday glitches and emergencies (minor and major) lead to interruptions, which needlessly delay the things you have to get done
  • If there’s not a standard way to handle certain things, figuring out the process and cross-communicating can make simple tasks overcomplicated

To sum it up: property managers have a productivity problem that is taking hours out of their day, every day.

Even though the job title says “property,” the description is much more than that – you’re really managing humans within your buildings – how they interact with each other, the property and its components, and with your organization. That’s a lot more complicated than just building management.

Every day, new productivity apps are hitting the market, enticing people to get a handle on their day-to-day. But (as you already know) property managers aren’t just ordinary people – their needs for making sure things get done every day transcend beyond the normal into the superhuman.

We’ve even seen property managers take matters into their own hands and hack together a solution that barely meets their needs, juggling an array of apps that just don’t do the job on their own. A routine like that isn’t just inefficient – it’s exhausting. 

And when it comes to productivity in property management, it’s not just personal. In addition to your staff – supers, managers, admins, and other team members, you’re also dealing with outside vendors and tenants, among other parties involved at your buildings. Oftentimes there are several people working on a single project, not to mention individuals who just want constant updates on your team’s progress.

The solution lies in your hands – or really, in your phone.

After speaking with several different management groups, we found that the teams who were able to get more done stuck to a solution that covered four main best practices:

  • Use a productivity system built just for property organizations: Having to-do’s, reminders, and notes in one place makes it easier to get work done instead of spending time compiling and organizing
  • Visibility and communication are key: Use an app that fosters communication from both within and outside of your organization. The more well-informed different parties are, the less work you’ll ultimately have to do.
  • The simpler, the better: For any tech-averse teammates, the less you have to do to get stuff done, the better. If the system of your choice is easy-to-use, more people are likely to buy into it (and, you know, actually use it).
  • Go Mobile: Using a system that keeps you chained to your desk won’t work for most people in property management. Make sure the tools you need from your app are readily available on the go, especially when your team is onsite.

Flip your pain into actual productivity – implement a platform made for property managers to use all day to get their jobs done. 

If you’ve read this far, you might want to check out our solution to this problem – click here to visit InCheck by SiteCompli and learn more about improving your team communications. 

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