Your Month In NYC Compliance – September 2023 (Local Law 97 & More)

We’re rounding up some of the biggest compliance changes each month and sharing them in our new video series. Scroll down to check out resources mentioned in the video, including city links, detailed posts, and more.

Here’s Your Month In NYC Real Estate Compliance – September 2023:


DOB Bulletins


Proposed Rules

The much-anticipated rules for Local Law 97 compliance were released in September, defining what a “good faith effort” means for steps taken to meet emissions caps in 2024. Stay tuned for any changes after the hearing set for October 24th.

Another DOB rule proposed this month – reporting for lighting upgrades & sub-meter installations in certain buildings. You can read the full proposed rule here. This is a follow-up to Local Law 88 of 2009, which “require[d] buildings greater than 50,000 square feet to upgrade lighting systems and install electrical sub-meters in tenant spaces by January 1, 2025, to promote energy efficiency in buildings. The law was subsequently amended to include buildings that are 25,000 square feet and larger.”

The proposed rule covers reporting compliance for upgrades and sub-meter installation & penalties for non-compliance (annual fines assessed for failure to report/perform). Reporting would be due no later than May 1, 2025, with additional details on the submission process provided by the DOB.

We highly recommend connecting with a registered design professional, licensed master electrician, or a licensed special electrician (three experts cited in the proposed rule) to confirm compliance here, and connect on the best way to submit reports in 2025.


Adopted Rules

  • Miscellaneous FDNY Rule updates
    • Five key areas of updates, including an adjusted penalty, removal of superseded rules, and renumbering according to the 2022 Fire Code


City Council Laws

Enacted – On Mayor’s Desk

INT-743-A will now require agency representatives to share identifying information upon request, including contact information.

In Committee – Rules of Interest



Starting October 2nd, the city’s curbside composting program now includes Brooklyn, in addition to Queens. Per the DSNY,

  • Leaf and yard waste separation from trash is now mandatory with a warning period for 3 months from the start of service in each borough.
  • Food scraps and food-soiled paper is currently voluntary. It will become mandatory once curbside composting expands to all five boroughs.

Apartment owners will need to place organic waste in bins near the curb each week. Owners of buildings with 4+ units must provide a storage area and clearly labeled bins for the collection of yard waste. Remaining boroughs will join the program in 2024.

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