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Transform How Your Properties Work with Automation

Solving This Year's Hidden Management Crisis

Why solving for operational inefficiency is more important than ever

Organizations lose 20-30% of revenue due to inefficient processes. The old school methods of managing your team, your tenants, and your expenses – pen and paper tracking, rigid technology – just aren’t cutting it. Expecting your properties to run consistently is impossible without a new way to enforce your operating strategy.

Smart Automation is Your New Path To Success

Modern real estate operations teams are using smart automation as a way to stay on target, on budget, and easily adapt to changing priorities.

Smart automation can help eliminate:
  1. Pen and paper checklists and out-of-date spreadsheets
  2. Long email chains and missed messages
  3. Time wasters in property management

How To: Replace Your Ops Manual with Workflows

What is a Workflow?
Workflows are the key point of record for your team back at the office and onsite. They outline exact details of what people need to do, when they need to it, and how things need to be done. And unlike a static operations manual, Workflows actually enable your operations instead of just informing them, providing agile guidelines your team can execute whenever, from wherever they are.

Workflow Benefits
Workflows encompass these critical operational needs, ensuring your team prepares, responses, and reacts according to plan:

  1. Enforcing Protocols
  2. Flexing Priorities
  3. People-Focused
  4. Measuring Progress

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