ECB ECB/OATH Hearing Process

What are ECB Violation Statuses?

The ECB assigns statuses to violations during specific points in the fine and hearing process.

Status Definition
Appeal Decision Rendered Hearing decision was appealed and an appeal decision has been rendered
Assigned Summons had a hearing, the case is assigned, and a decision is pending
Defaulted Respondent failed to appear for scheduled hearing and did not pay the summons prior to the hearing
Docketed Hearing result remains unpaid for more than 60 days after the scheduled hearing. The case has been docketed in NYC Civil Court as an unpaid judgment. Considered to be in collection, where the Department of Finance now has jurisdiction over the matter.
Hearing Completed Hearing was held
New Issuance Summons was issued and first hearing date is at a future date
Paid in full Summons, hearing decision, default decision has been paid in full. Nothing is due
Rescheduled Summons' hearing date has been rescheduled at the request of either the respondent or petitioner. Each side has one automatic reschedule
Stip Needs Review Stipulation offered by enforcement agency (petitioner) and stipulation was accepted by respondent
Written Off Summons has been written off and nothing is due
Cured Enforcement agency notes indicate that the violating conditions have been corrected prior to hearing

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