The Big Book Of NYC Local Law Compliance – 2024 Edition

It’s not hyperbole – last year brought on more requirements for properties in the five boroughs than ever before. And 2024 kicks off several new regulations, many that are increasingly complex.

Our team is here to simplify things.

This Guide is your key to understanding what’s required for most NYC properties, and how to stay ahead of the ever-changing compliance curve. Big city changes also mean a big change for our Guide. We wanted to cover as many details as possible so your team can stay informed, take action, and reduce risk.

Say hello to this year’s edition of The Big Book of NYC Local Law Compliance – your go-to resource for the latest compliance changes and best practices for NYC property operations. Download your copy today to learn strategic approaches to crafting your compliance action plan, get the scoop on new and updated regulations, and discover best practices for managing it all.

Property management is changing.
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