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Call Center

Connect With Tenants
& Prevent Complaints

Tenants are always reassured when they’re able to call someone to report any issues. And it shows – happier, more satisfied tenants are more likely to renew. But hosting a call center can be costly, and standardizing responses to all your tenants’ inquiries is a major undertaking. SiteCompli’s Call center ensures your tenants can contact you without overburdening your staff or creating unnecessary work. 

Centralized Information Centralized Information

Manage Tenant Requests 24/7

Capture everything in one place so you can easily track requests from reception to completion:

It’s easy to let your residents know about your Call Center – just print out the automatically generated notice posters in your InCheck account!
Tenants connect with a simple, direct interface, which captures all the details you need to manage each request
SiteCompli’s Call Center has custom transitions – for example, you can send calls to your front office during business hours and to automated responses or alternate numbers at night!
Requests are sent directly to your InCheck account, including the tenant’s voicemail recording
Do More; Work Less Do More; Work Less

Take Action, Even Faster

Call Center is seamlessly integrated with SiteCompli’s key features and tools, so you can take action and assign work as needed

Team members can update requests status and details, directly in their SiteCompli accounts
Work Orders for external vendors and Tasks for your colleagues can be created from any tenant request
Anyone on your team can view and update requests in SiteCompli, making it easy to stay on the same page and get more done
Closing the Loop Closing the Loop

Automated Updates for Your Tenants

With updates fielded from the Call Center, your teams won’t have to worry about going back and forth with your tenants, and your tenants will be happier with ongoing status updates:

Tenants who call back will get an automatic status update based on changes you’ve made in SiteCompli
Updates are communicated with tenants without your staff spending time fielding calls and status check-ins
Track request analytics for each unit and property, including how many result in work or follow-ups

What’s New

We’re constantly adding more time-saving features to your SiteCompli experience.