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Due Diligence

The Industry’s Only Prospective Compliance Report

SiteCompli’s Due Diligence instantly provides violation counts, equipment records, and tax & transaction history for any building in NYC, so your team is well prepared for future growth and expansion. And it’s available on demand, directly in your account.

Make Business-Critical Decisions

Using detailed property information and risk analysis, your team can make smarter & more efficient decisions than ever before:

If you’re acquiring a new building, get visibility into any operational risks or equipment & compliance costs early on
If you’re pitching new management business, create an onboarding plan for resolving old issues or improving asset operations
Due Diligence reports generate in less than 1 hour, well before a traditional title report that typically takes weeks

NYC Data at Your Fingertips

Due Diligence gives you in-depth compliance and operational information, so your team is better prepared for any new building or asset.

Reports include the building’s compliance history, so you can understand typical annual costs and violation trends
Financial risks, including missed equipment inspections, are outlined so you can correct serious issues before they get worse
Tax and transactional history are detailed, giving you a full picture of the building’s overall health

Your Building Operations Ecosystem