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Property managers and owners rely on a keen sense of foresight to stay at the head of the pack – and since 2011, those who chose SiteCompli as their partner in property management have seen enormous dividends in the form of more efficient, better-run businesses. Now, SiteCompli is rolling out the next wave of its breakthrough technology: software that leverages automation to further reduce organizations’ administrative workload, freeing them to focus on profit creation rather than repetitive and redundant tasks.

Today, SiteCompli will unveil The Automation Release at BuildingsNY, New York’s largest event for building owners and managers. The Automation Release enhances SiteCompli’s industry-leading software solution with game-changing features that automate routine work, eliminate time-wasters and increase efficiency, including:

  • All-new Tenant Communications solutions that reduce 311 complaints and improve response time to tenant issues
  • Improved workflow & collaboration tools that take important conversations out of cumbersome email chains and speed them up so issues get handled faster
  • New ways to take critical offline information and create automated processes around it, so nothing falls through the cracks

“Our customers represent some of the largest, most complex real estate portfolios in the world, and we’ve heard from them that routine property management tasks and issues take up an enormous amount of mental energy and time, keeping staff from focusing on projects that can make their business money. This release is a giant step towards using technology to manage properties smarter, so our customers can get back to adding value to their organizations,” said Jack Wurtzel, VP of Innovation at SiteCompli.

Wurtzel adds: “These new features represent the future of property management technology – the automation of routine work that property managers spend so much time doing, and an engine of smarter tools to route work and collaborate so critical tasks get done faster. We consider these unmatched features absolutely necessary to run a modern property management business.”

Tenant Communications Automation Leads to Higher Rent Renewals & Fewer 311 Complaints

Dealing with tenants can be stressful; no matter how well managers maintain their properties, compliance problems still appear. SiteCompli Tenant Communications provides more ways to make dealing with tenants less stressful, combining after-hours call routing and a tenant-facing request portal to make all tenant interactions easier, faster, and more efficient.

The Tenant Communications Suite increases tenant satisfaction and management efficiency by:

  • Providing tenants repeatable and reliable ways of getting in touch with management 24/7, assured that their requests are reaching the right personnel
  • Automating the next steps for getting tenant work completed without long email chains, miscommunication, and running around – meaning work gets done faster for tenants
  • Making management more proactive in triaging tenant issues, leading to better tenant-management relationships overall

Powerful Workflow Saves Hours Each Week

The property management universe is large, comprised of building management staff, vendors, contractors, tenants and more. Property managers need tools that streamline processes for capturing and sharing critical information across this universe, quickly and efficiently.

The Automation Release includes enhancements and additions to the powerful SiteCompli workflow engine, including:

  • Updates to SiteCompli Work Order App that allow staff to handle issues faster, updating and closing Work Orders on-site and on-the-go
  • All-new Mobile Tenant Inspection app saves building staff hours, as they can now record results of required safety notice inspections as they go instead of manually entering results later
  • Notes & Files collaboration tools eliminate cumbersome email chains and miscommunication – team members can attach important documents and messages to any item, alerting the team so everyone stays on the same page

Turning Offline Data Into Action

When critical building data is kept offline, managers miss important renewals, scramble to find documentation, and end up wasting time. SiteCompli was the first technology to provide visibility into “black box” data such as FDNY Permit Accounts, Lien information, Sidewalk Violations and more, and is doing so once again.

The Automation Release includes features designed to bring to the surface hard-to-find and hard-to-track building data, so nothing slips through the cracks:

  • FDNY Permit Accounts data will now be available in-app, powered by the same automation and alerting engine, preventing expired permits and unnecessary fines
  • Customizable system for tracking previously offline information such as Landlord/Tenant Court Cases, Vendor Insurance, Property Insurance, Cooling Tower Maintenance, Warranties, Fire Extinguishers and more
  • Customizable alerts, reporting & calendar integration across the above categories – from permit renewals to important warranty information to equipment inspections – to reduce overall building risk

The Automation Release features are now live and available for all SiteCompli New York customers.

To learn more, attend BuildingsNY 2017 and visit the SiteCompli booth #331 for live demo of these features and more.

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