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How Property Management Teams Are Planning for 2021

RealFocus 2020 gathered top industry professionals to share insights and best practices on better property operations. Here are just a few of the 20+ sessions presented live on October 27th.

RealFocus 2020 Keynote - The Way Forward: Real Estate & Property Management Beyond 2020

If you’re curious about how one of the biggest real estate organizations is thinking about the future, you can’t miss this keynote.

Join Spencer Levy, Chairman of America’s Research & Senior Economic Advisor for CBRE, to review some big picture concepts about the changing nature of real estate, and how that relates to property operations.

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Managing Risk Across Your Portfolio in 2021

It’s never been more important to work faster, smarter, and prepare for any possible scenario.

Join professionals Will Smith, Risk Manager at Progressive Management, and Ajo Kurian, Vice President at AKAM Associates, to find out how they identified & minimized risk during this challenging year, and the steps they’re taking to prepare for the years ahead.

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Building Communities: How Team Culture & Staff Engagement Lead To Success

Being a successful real estate organization starts with your staff.

Join Sage Realty’s Theresa Fesinstine to discuss the impact of team culture on your company’s overall success, ideas for how to engage your team in a changed environment, and thoughts on how real estate orgs are helping their tenants create the workforce of the future.

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Learn How Other Teams Are Planning For Success

Get tactics your team can use for better property ops in 2021