New York’s Newest Requirement Made Easy With SiteCompli’s Expert Training

Mandatory, annual anti-harassment training laws are in place for NY State and NYC employees, requiring your team to undergo annual training. SiteCompli Learning gives your company on-demand access to city and state-compliant courses for anti-harassment training, ensuring compliance and minimizing your organization’s risk.

Need to get your team trained ASAP? We can help:

Only SiteCompli Learning has:

Fast, Easy-to-learn Courses

Shorter training segments (5 – 7 minutes per course), for better knowledge retention and spending less time away from critical work

Instant Reporting

Audit-proof reporting to comply with NY State’s required training certifications for each employee

Guaranteed NYC & NYS Compliance

Content vetted by SiteCompli experts – the most trusted compliance partners in NYC

On-Demand Training

On-demand access so employees can learn on their own schedule (and new hires become compliant ASAP, per the law)

Sending an email to your staff or hosting one in-person training isn’t enough –

SiteCompli Learning lets you access training on-demand, keeps required training records on hand, and ensures your entire staff is compliant with these mandatory new laws.

Ensure Your Team Stays In Compliance

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