InCheck by SiteCompli

The easiest property management
app you’ll ever use

Whether you’re 1 property manager or running a team, InCheck helps you communicate better.

Make every hour more productive & every building more profitable

The world’s first productivity software built just for property managers

Building-by-building view of tasks & to-dos

Built for property management on-the-go

Team-based workflow to assign, see, and complete tasks your team is working on

Best Practices: Talking to Your Tenants

Fewer surprises means getting more done. 

See what’s happening today and around the corner at each building, in the palm of your hand.

  • See the status of where tasks stand
  • Plan & prioritize your week
  • Easily add tasks from photos or text

Never miss a deadline.

Reminders for important items show up when you need them, eliminating post-its, spreadsheets, and digging through your inbox.

  • Notifications in real time for important building tasks
  • Add documents & notes to every reminder
  • Schedule reminders for your team

Perfect handoffs & no more firedrills.

Effortlessly assign tasks to team members & view what your team is working on.

  • Communicate in one place for every task
  • Assign to team members & check up on progress
  • Get visibility into each team member’s current workload

Make your impact known.

Create reports on your team’s effectiveness in minutes, not hours.

  • Easily call up a team or individual view of tasks
  • Identify recurring issues
  • Improve processes with better visibility

Build a wildly efficient business.

Your best people will spend less time on unnecessary follow-ups and duplicative work when each task has an owner, a deadline, and tracking to completion.

  • Organize your people’s work intuitively
  • Make PMs productive from day 1 on the job
  • Focus on areas of opportunity instead of fire drills

Introduce best practices & performance metrics. 

Get every team member on the same page so property managers can be productive from day one.

  • Enforce consistency throughout your org
  • Set up to scale with more efficient processes
  • Improve communication up and down the chain

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Communicate with Ease

Too much of a property management team’s day is wasted with unnecessary follow-up and calling to chase down loose ends. With InCheck, your whole team knows what needs to be worked on, and you can see what other people have done. Get rid of the lost post it notes, missed emails, and old voicemails.

Control Your Day

See what’s next today, with a task list that tells you what to do HERE and NOW. When you walk into a building, InCheck instantly tells you what’s outstanding and what’s assigned to whom.

Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines

InCheck reminds you of what needs to be done – before it’s too late. The answers to “who is following up?” and “when will it be done?” are in the palm of your hand, for every building.

Automate Your Operations

InCheck brings the power of AI and automation to your property management team. Implement pre-made or custom templates to define consistency throughout your organization. Your team will do better – without having to just constantly hire more people.

More Proactive & Productive

With InCheck, you’ll get things done faster, cheaper, and better. Auto-assign tasks to members of a team or many sequential tasks to different employees related to the same issue. InCheck makes sure that no one drops the ball.

Designed for Property Managers

The life of a property manager is unlike any other career. InCheck is designed by property managers, for property managers, with the ability to capture items on the go – via text, pictures or email – and report, export, and connect to the systems a property manager uses every day.