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Effortless, Customizable Inspections

Your business can’t afford to miss anything when it comes to Inspections. Having the right information to efficiently plan repairs, estimate operating budgets, and reduce liability is critical. Highly customizable input fields combined with InCheck’s core Workflow system let your team take action on Inspection results even faster, saving time and minimizing risk. 

Inspections Always Performed to Your Standards

InCheck’s Inspections ensure your team always captures the right information to assess the health of your assets.

With several different Inspection types and input fields, your team can build highly customized Inspections designed for any scenario
The InCheck Customer Success Team can help import your team’s existing forms and policies directly into InCheck, systematizing your SOPs
The InCheck Mobile App walks your staff through each Inspection step-by-step, making it easy for your team to track and complete

Save Time, From Inspection Start to Follow-Ups

Inspections are only valuable if you get the right information and act on it quickly. Make the entire Inspections process more efficient by automatically scheduling recurring Inspections and instantly triggering work based on Inspection results.

Schedule Inspection Tasks to automatically recur at frequencies of your choosing. Get reminders about upcoming Inspections as the due date approaches
Take action on critical issues instantly with Workflows deployed to your team based on the results of your Inspections

Minimize Risk With On-Demand Inspection Data

Never worry about lost information during disputes or issues – reviewing historical Inspection records and analytics is quick and easy. Generate on-demand reports and view data across assets, properties, or portfolio-wide.

Inspection data can be reviewed at any time, helping you spot trends, plan your ongoing maintenance schedule & budget, and better prepare for disputes
Create comprehensive, presentation-quality reports with the click of a button

Get portfolio insights for your buildings.
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