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New York’s Newest Requirement Made Easy With SiteCompli’s Expert Training

Mandatory, annual anti-harassment training laws are in place for NY State and NYC employees, requiring your team to undergo training by October 7th, 2019 (and again each calendar year). SiteCompli Learning gives your company on-demand access to city and state-compliant courses for anti-harassment training, ensuring compliance and minimizing your organization’s risk.

Need to get your team trained ASAP? We can help:

Only SiteCompli Learning has:

Fast, Easy-to-learn Courses

Shorter training segments (5 – 7 minutes per course), for better knowledge retention and spending less time away from critical work

Instant Reporting

Audit-proof reporting to comply with NY State’s required training certifications for each employee

Guaranteed NYC & NYS Compliance

Content vetted by SiteCompli experts – the most trusted compliance partners in NYC

On-Demand Training

On-demand access so employees can learn on their own schedule (and new hires become compliant ASAP, per the law)

Sending an email to your staff or hosting one in-person training isn’t enough –

SiteCompli Learning lets you access training on-demand, keeps required training records on hand, and ensures your entire staff is compliant with these mandatory new laws.

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