NYC Compliance Automation

NYC’s Leading Solution for Compliance Monitoring and Violation Prevention

SiteCompli’s Compliance Automation platform monitors over 1.5 billion square feet of real estate, the only platform where you’ll find the information you need to run your buildings along with on-demand compliance knowledge and support.

Your Central Source for NYC Compliance

Whether your team prefers ongoing alerts for compliance changes or checking in via automatically recurring reports, we’ve got you covered. We’re also here to help your team navigate and tackle some of the most complex regulatory issues quickly and easily.

In-Depth Compliance Data

Powerful Workflow Tools

Annual Safety Notice Mailings

Annual Safety Notice Mailings

Trusted Resources & Support

Critical information and updates for preventing violations and fines

Automate your operations and take property management to the next level

The most efficient and cost-effective way to comply with this yearly requirement

On-demand help, training, and materials to protect your portfolio

Compliance Monitoring Platform

Enhanced platform and tools give you real time operational insights

Powerful Workflow Tools

Access critical data, deeply researched and professionally presented

Annual Safety Notice Mailings

Annual Safety Notice Mailings

The most efficient and cost-effective way to comply with the law

Compliance Expertise and Service

Your partner in compliance, every step of the way

Want to become an expert in NYC violations compliance?

The industry’s best resource for all things compliance is now available in PDF format for your reference.

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Communicate with Ease

Too much of a property management team’s day is wasted with unnecessary follow-up and calling to chase down loose ends. With InCheck, your whole team knows what needs to be worked on, and you can see what other people have done. Get rid of the lost post it notes, missed emails, and old voicemails.

Control Your Day

See what’s next today, with a task list that tells you what to do HERE and NOW. When you walk into a building, InCheck instantly tells you what’s outstanding and what’s assigned to whom.

Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines

InCheck reminds you of what needs to be done – before it’s too late. The answers to “who is following up?” and “when will it be done?” are in the palm of your hand, for every building.

Automate Your Operations

InCheck brings the power of AI and automation to your property management team. Implement pre-made or custom templates to define consistency throughout your organization. Your team will do better – without having to just constantly hire more people.

More Proactive & Productive

With InCheck, you’ll get things done faster, cheaper, and better. Auto-assign tasks to members of a team or many sequential tasks to different employees related to the same issue. InCheck makes sure that no one drops the ball.

Designed for Property Managers

The life of a property manager is unlike any other career. InCheck is designed by property managers, for property managers, with the ability to capture items on the go – via text, pictures or email – and report, export, and connect to the systems a property manager uses every day.