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Annual Safety Notice Mailings

The most advanced mailings platform in the business

Get through annual safety mailings season with the least amount of hassle, making sure your mailings are done correctly, in accordance with the law, protecting you from risk and your tenants from accidents.

Must-have mailing features

Save countless hours with automation at every step of the tenant mailings process, with innovative features including:

  • Prepaid postage included both ways, making it easy for tenants to respond via mail, and 3 other convenient ways for tenants to respond: via phone, fax, or online
  • Tenant Mailings dashboard integrated with your SiteCompli account, putting all of your buildings’ information at your fingertips
  • Access to compliance experts who can recommend best practices for your portfolio, so you can fully comply with the law
  • Automated tools log every attempt to contact non-responding tenants, protecting you from liability

SiteCompli makes our job in managing properties that much more streamlined and effective.

Rick Elezi
President and Founder
R.E.M Residential

Making Mailings Simple & Easy

SiteCompli technology will save you time, energy and headaches by making tenant follow-ups and inspection & installation work a breeze:

  • Generate real-time reports of tenant response progress
  • Assign work (inspections, window guard installations) to building staff with our powerful Work Order system for assessing and recording follow-ups
  • Automatic phone and e-mail systems reach out to nonresponsive tenants, driving higher response rates
  • Generate required letters to DOHMH in one click, ensuring compliance with NYC law

The clear, user-friendly interface provides timely access to key information that every professional manager would want at their disposal.

Mike Leon
Tryax Realty Management

Getting safety mailings done is easy.
To learn how, request a call from a compliance expert today.

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