Compliance Automation

All of NYC’s top agencies, all in one place

Identify which of your properties needs the most compliance attention with SiteCompli’s web-based dashboard, organizing information across NYC’s most impactful property-related agencies.

How are your buildings handling compliance?

Measure success across your portfolio by checking key analytics. Determine how your team is responding to and preventing compliance issues, and identify areas for future growth:

  • Find out which NYC agency is impacting your properties the most
  • Determine whether violation trends are up or down across your portfolio
  • Identify critical issues that could result in thousands of dollars of penalties
  • Prevent fines by confirming inspection submission statuses
  • Compare city complaints to actual violation counts per unit
  • Track how long it takes to close work orders on average, and how many are overdue

Their combination of technology, knowledge, and support is unparalleled.

Mark Engel
President and CEO
Langsam Property Services

Monitoring your compliance has never been easier.
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Communicate with Ease

Too much of a property management team’s day is wasted with unnecessary follow-up and calling to chase down loose ends. With InCheck, your whole team knows what needs to be worked on, and you can see what other people have done. Get rid of the lost post it notes, missed emails, and old voicemails.

Control Your Day

See what’s next today, with a task list that tells you what to do HERE and NOW. When you walk into a building, InCheck instantly tells you what’s outstanding and what’s assigned to whom.

Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines

InCheck reminds you of what needs to be done – before it’s too late. The answers to “who is following up?” and “when will it be done?” are in the palm of your hand, for every building.

Automate Your Operations

InCheck brings the power of AI and automation to your property management team. Implement pre-made or custom templates to define consistency throughout your organization. Your team will do better – without having to just constantly hire more people.

More Proactive & Productive

With InCheck, you’ll get things done faster, cheaper, and better. Auto-assign tasks to members of a team or many sequential tasks to different employees related to the same issue. InCheck makes sure that no one drops the ball.

Designed for Property Managers

The life of a property manager is unlike any other career. InCheck is designed by property managers, for property managers, with the ability to capture items on the go – via text, pictures or email – and report, export, and connect to the systems a property manager uses every day.