Enforce Your Property Management Best Practices

InCheck’s powerful Task and Workflow system uses smart automation to ensure your team knows when work needs to be done – and gets it done the right way.  


More Consistency - Less Room For Error

Whether work is being performed by a company vet or a brand new hire, it always gets done your way.

Start Work Anytime, Anywhere

Deploy multi-step projects and assign detailed work in 3 clicks or less – from your desktop or the InCheck Mobile App.

Capture Details On-The-Go

Set task dependencies and project requirements (signatures, photos, inspections & more) so no detail is ever left out.

Instant Performance Review & Analytics

Comprehensive dashboards and reports give you both quick and in-depth status checks of ongoing projects and work.

Faster Follow-Ups

Your team is better informed on outstanding issues or requests, and your tenants are more satisfied (and less likely to leave).

Assign Work Automatically

Set routine projects and tasks on a recurring schedule, like document renewal, inspections, or maintenance work.

Integrated Call Center & Tenant Portal

Automatically generate follow-up tasks from inbound tenant requests, reducing tenant response times.

Smart Roles and Teams

Ensure the right work gets assigned to the right person (or even groups of people) based on rules you’ve set.

The InCheck Best Practice Library

Access industry-vetted templates collected from top management teams – so yours can perform like the very best.

Here’s just a few examples of what your team can copy and customize from the Best Practice Library:

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Integrated Pest Management Routine

Move-In/Move-Out Inspection

Annual Residential Unit Inspection

“Show Trail” Inspection

Seasonal Grounds Inspection

Slip And Fall – Incident Report & Response

Cooling Tower Testing Routine

Inclement Weather Preparation

Theft & Onsite Incident Report

Knowing How To Work Is Half The Battle

Complete and track work faster, from wherever you are, with InCheck:

Power Work With Smart Automation

Learn how property operations teams are getting more done, even faster.

Perform 2x Inspections

Perform faster, better inspections using the industry-leading InCheck Mobile App.

Perform Critical Work Seamlessly

Must-do work is automatically deployed, ensuring it’s done on time & under budget.

Standardize How Your Team Works Today.

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