3 Ways to Automate Property Management Tasks – Quickly!

The automation revolution is transforming the world of property management. It’s providing companies with a faster and more efficient way to implement the standard operating procedures they’ve developed over the years – resulting in better-run buildings, better-performing property teams, and happier tenants. 

Automation technology – “smart” processes and automatic assignments, follow-ups, and tracking – for property management promises precisely this: every staff member on the team knows exactly what needs to get done at each property, and how to do it the right way.

If you’re looking to modernize and upgrade your operations, here are three ways that you can begin automating your property management tasks and processes:

1) Start with business areas in need of improvement

Don’t try and do everything at once. Often an eager management team will try and implement multiple wholesale technology solutions all at the same time, and almost always, they fall short of the intended goals.  Drastic change can be hard on staff, tenants, and the management team – too much change too fast leaves opportunities for failure.

Focus on which part of your business needs incremental improvement – how can technology help you get to those improvements? What key performance indicators are there that will tell you whether you have made an improvement?

2) Attach automation to existing functions

Take an event or situation you deal with frequently, where you know the process for how you’d like it to be handled every time – like getting a violation or receiving a tenant request – and make those your early use cases for testing automation functionality in the field.

For example, if you already have standard operating procedures in place for Local Law 55 inspections, you can use automation to trigger unit inspections one building team at a time at first, so they could test the functionality, timing, and process and work out any hiccups.

3) Utilize metrics-driven reporting

However you’re implementing technology, it’s critical that metrics play a big part of not just your roll-out, but your ongoing, everyday management.

Make it a point to automatically generate reports on a fixed schedule to evaluate your teams’ productivity, tenant requests, spending, and anything else valuable to you in order to get the NOI for each building. Not only will this enable you to address where you may be wasting time and resources, but it will also serve as a sales tool for new business when it comes to showing how your high-performing team works, and how long tasks and projects will take.


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