Reporting For Duty – The Top SiteCompli Reports Run By Property Managers

Say goodbye to the days of copy-pasting data into an excel spreadsheet, or painstakingly creating graphs for PDFs.

SiteCompli Reports automatically pull the critical information you need into presentation-quality, easily digestible downloads and data-filled Excel files, instantly ready to dissect and review. The thousands of Reports generated in SiteCompli each month tell a million stories – from how your team is handling NYC compliance enforcement, to how they’re performing everyday work.

We took a look at some of the most frequently run reports in SiteCompli to see how property managers are evaluating their buildings and their work across New York City. Here’s what we found:

Side note – there aren’t as many puns in this SiteCompli update. But if you love a good (bad) joke, check out our previous blog post on Top Notes in SiteCompli. In addition to the puns, there are details on the 1.6 million and growing notes stored in SiteCompli by your management peers – and how you can save your team’s information like the pros.

Have It Your Way

The number one, gotta-have-it, must-run report in SiteCompli is the uber-flexible Custom Report. The Custom Report is built exactly like its name – you can pull in data from anywhere in your SiteCompli account, and automatically organize it the way you want it. The most popular choice is our Custom Excel Report. This Report organizes key data about violations, jobs and permits – practically everything and anything – into neat tabs and columns. From there, you can slice and dice your building information the way you’d like to review it.

Of course, a number of SiteCompli’s reports already have built-in graphs and analytics to track how your team is handling compliance. Check them out by logging into your SiteCompli account and visiting the Reports tab.

You Can Never Be Too Diligent

Being surprised by property operations complications is never great, especially in NYC.  And if you’re onboarding a new building or exploring an acquisition, you’ll want to know exactly what your team is getting into – how many issues you may need to account for, and the estimated cost of anything that needs to be resolved.

That’s exactly what Due Diligence is for. Due Diligence is a guide to preparing your operations team for running new buildings, with insights into compliance, maintenance, operating costs, and more. You can even get information about district details, development rights, and building sales & transaction history. So while your acquisition team focuses on the title report and final legal documents, your operations team can get a jump on their planning with Due Diligence.

One of the most popular uses for Due Diligence is prospecting for new business. Management teams can outline the current status of a building they’re pitching to, and how their operations team can use this data to make operational improvements and future plans. It’s a great way to share how your team stands out from the competition, and can make a huge impact on day-to-day life for residents.

Due Diligence reports can be run for any building in New York City, on-demand and straight from your SiteCompli account.

Measure And Improve

Our newest report doesn’t just show your team the work you’ve accomplished – it shows you how you can work better.

The InCheck Executive Summary outlines how efficiently your team is working together – how much work is getting done, and the quality of work that’s happening. It’s all compiled using assigned & completed work from your InCheck account, like Tasks, Workflows, and Inspections. You can even see details on how teams and buildings are performing compared to each other, and use that information to streamline and improve your company’s standard operating procedures.

To learn more about how your team can improve the way they work with the InCheck Executive Summary, check out our preview page here.

Run, Reports, Run!

One of the best ways to ensure you get the information you need exactly when you need it is by setting up your favorite report on an automatically recurring basis. You can set any SiteCompli report to run and deliver automatically on an interval of your choosing. And it doesn’t just get sent to you – you can copy anyone on (or outside of) your team.

In fact, most SiteCompli users have at least one recurring report set up. Whether it’s a quarterly review, monthly check-in, or weekly rundown, managers don’t have to spend any extra time getting critical portfolio details delivered straight to their inbox.

It’s easy to make any report recurring – just choose your delivery preferences on Step 3 of the report building wizard. Pick how frequently you want this report, and who you’d like it sent to. You can always edit your choices at any time, or run multiple recurring reports.

And when it comes to great ways to review your team’s data, we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for future time-saving developments on reports and more.

Til the next time, this is Kristen, reporting over and out.

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