6 Ways To Start Your Property Ops Work Without Pressing A Button

There’s never enough time when you’re scheduling out your team’s property ops work. And after the schedule is “complete,” it’s time to deal with surprises, revisions, emergencies, and – before you know it – the next round of work schedules.

That doesn’t leave much time for you to focus on developing strategy, training up your staff, or growing your portfolio. So how can you cut down on administrative clutter and still ensure work happens when it needs to?

Why go through the trouble of making a phone call, drafting an email, or manually creating tasks when you don’t have to? Get your time back & stop slowing down your day by automating your work assignments.

Automating your work assignments means letting your property ops solution – whatever you’re using to assign and track inspections, maintenance, etc. – automatically distribute work based on key triggers. That means the work you need to happen portfolio-wide is laid out in advance, and automatically assigned to the right person based on information your team already has, or details captured out in the field.

Here’s just a few ways InCheck makes your team’s property ops work assignments automatic :

Scheduled Routines
From annual inspections to monthly & seasonal preventive maintenance – and everything in between
Upcoming Due Dates
Expirations & renewal dates for things like property and resident docs
Changes In Other Platforms
Information from your Yardi account, like lease-end or move-out dates
Inspection Results
Real-time follow ups based on what your team is seeing out in the field
Tenant Requests
Calls or online requests made directly by your tenants
Onsite Incidents
Follow-ups to minimize risk and ensure safety after an onsite incident

The less you have to manually assign to your team, the more time you have to focus on big picture items – like expanding your NOI, developing your staff, and growing your business.

Want to reduce the time you spend on administrative work? Talk to us – we’ll show you how automated work assignments can make a huge impact on your property operations.


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