[APRIL 2021 COMPLIANCE UPDATES] New Violations Issued for Bed Bugs, Energy Efficiency Labels

Latest Compliance Updates for NYC

[Benchmarking Update] Post Energy Efficiency Labels To Avoid Violations Starting April 29, 2021

The DOB made a last-minute announcement regarding new violations for Local Law 33/95 – the requirement to post Energy Efficiency Rating Labels (EERL) for properties over 25,000 square feet.

Not sure if this impacts your building? You’re required to post the EERL if:

  • Your property appears on the covered buildings list for Local Law 84 (if you’re a SiteCompli or InCheck customer, you can check this in your account by logging in here)
  • You’ve been submitting Local Law 84 Benchmarking reports for your property

If your property falls into the above category, you should be able to access the EERL for your building in the DOB NOW Public Portal, via the green search tool at the bottom of the page.

Per Local Law 33/95, this label must be “displayed in a conspicuous location near each public entrance.” This FAQ sheet provides more details about required sizing, height, and location of the posting.

The DOB’s most recent Service Notice announced that starting tomorrow, April 29th, violations will begin to be issued for failure to post this label. Fines for these violations will total $1,250.

These labels must be updated each year in October – we’ll send you a reminder around that time.

In separate but related Benchmarking news, the city has delayed this year’s Benchmarking due date to June 1 (from the original date of May 1). You can find more details on that here.

If you have any questions about your property’s Benchmarking status or the process in general, you can reach out to Help@NYCsustainability.org.

[Residential Update] How To Fix HPD Bedbug Violations & Avoid Them Going Forward

We’ve seen a few HPD violations hit recently for failure to file the annual bedbug report according to the requirement.

Here’s what you need to know to resolve them:

  • Violations issued for this infraction (failing to file the annual bedbug report) are Class A, with many certification due dates falling in July and August
  • In order to correct these violations, you’ll have to submit the annual report – you can do that here, via HPD’s portal
  • Remember to submit certification after you’ve filed the report (and make sure you do it before the due date)!
  • We’ve been hearing that there may be delays in processing reports, issues linked to HPD registration, or delays in removing these violations. Reaching out to HPD at enforcementdesk@hpd.nyc.gov is a good resource for sorting out any of these issues.

And here’s our expert picks for helpful resources on filing the report in general each year:

We’ll keep providing updates here on the SiteCompli Blog, so make sure you’re subscribed!

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