[Recap] The New Local Law 97 Rules & What They Mean for Your Buildings

Local law 97

On November 10th, SiteCompli hosted a webinar with Marc Zuluaga, Co-Founder of Cadence OneFive, former CEO of Steven Winter Associates, and sustainability expert, to discuss Local Law 97 and the aftermath of the new rules.   With buildings driving 75% of the city’s carbon emissions and the city hitting record emissions, the DOB is looking to enforce carbon caps with … Read More

December 2021 Department of Buildings Roundup: LL 152, PVTs, OATH, and LL 26

The Department of Buildings just released a slew of updates focused on new regulations starting in 2022, and end-of-year reminders. Here’s your roundup: Local Law 152 Extensions Official This Year The Gas Piping Inspections Deadline for Community Districts 2, 5, 7, 13, and 18 (previously due December 31st of this year) has been officially extended to June 30, 2022. This … Read More

November Compliance Update: Local Law 152 Extension & LL 87 Changes

Another Local Law 152 extension is here, this time for the Community Districts originally due in 2021. The Council also made adjustments for properties with gas piping, but no active gas service. Plus, there are some changes to Energy Efficiency Reports you’ll want to know: Local Law 152 Due Date Extension Much like last year’s extension for the initial group … Read More

New OATH ECB Amnesty Program In The Works – Awaiting Mayor’s Signature

NYC’s City Council has officially passed legislation for a new ECB amnesty program for certain administrative fines issued through OATH. ECB Amnesty isn’t new – the city has instituted programs like this before. That said, it’s a great opportunity to drive down OATH-related fines at a lower cost and clear related violations from your buildings. While the program isn’t in … Read More