Big Changes are Coming for Boiler Triennials

Local Law 38 of 2015 increased the thresholds for boiler registrations from 2.8 million btu/hr to 4.2 million btu/hr. This means that any boilers in this category that previously had a Certificate to Operate will now be eligible for Registrations. This group of boilers will have to meet standards and performance requirements beyond traditional Registrations, as outlined by the amendments to Chapter 2 of Title 15.

You can read the specific changes by clicking here. You can also read the remainder of Chapter 2 here. Please note that the adopted changes, which took effect on Monday, June 13th, will appear in the full Title 15, Chapter 2 listing (shown here) when the RCNY is updated this July.

You can view current DEP triennial information across your portfolio in your SiteCompli account. SiteCompli will continue to alert you on expiring Registrations and Certificates to Operate for boilers at your properties. This is in addition to alerts about annual DOB boiler inspections, which are due on December 31st of each year and separate from triennials.

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