The SiteCompli NYC Compliance Checklist 2024 Is Here!

The city’s favorite annual resource – the SiteCompli NYC Compliance Checklist – is back, and better (and bigger) than ever before! Our annual checklist features due dates for critical requirements, agency contact information, and helpful reminders, all in one easy-to-view resource.

Click here to get your copy of the 2024 Checklist now.

What’s New In 2024

  • There are new rules announced every year, and 2023 was no exception. That said, we wanted to make sure you had a basic recap of some of the most important changes, and how they could impact your team’s day-to-day. For the first time ever, we’ve expanded the Checklist from 2 pages to 4. It still includes all your favorite details like due dates and agency contact information, with even more context and helpful information
  • Specifically, we’ve added notes on some big recent changes for the following areas: Sanitation, Lead Regulations, and Filings. Most of these new regulations are in effect now, begin in 2024, or require a large effort that may take time (like the lead-related requirements with due over the coming years). Having them on the checklist gives you a handy reminder of things you’ll want to pay attention to throughout the year, or things your team can begin planning for now

Ongoing Updates & Resources In 2024


Of course, any dates on the Checklist are subject to change based on agency adjustments – and we’ve seen several changes throughout the years! That’s why we’re saving this space for any announcements that might have an impact on key due dates and timelines. Bookmark this page so you can reference future updates – we’ll share them here, along with any details you won’t want to miss.


Automating Your Checklist With Compliance Manager

One of the biggest questions we’ve gotten over the years is how to track items that the city doesn’t share information on (Local Law 55 inspections, Local Law 152 filings, and more). That’s why our team built Compliance Manager – the easiest way to track and manage statuses on growing city requirements.

Folks that have access to Compliance Manager can automate their Checklist, taking dates off the page and into their account for the whole team to view and adjust as needed.

With Compliance Manager, you can:

  • Automatically view what’s due each year for several requirements (including many on the Checklist) across your portfolio
  • Easily view completion percentages and see if you’re good to go – or not – fast
  • Add custom statuses for each requirement so you can track key points in your process
  • Schedule reminder alerts and view due dates in your synced Calendars

The best part? You can quickly add new requirements to Compliance Manager throughout the year as the city makes changes. New requirements like parapet observations or annual parking structure observations can be logged and stored (as required by law) in one place, alongside all your other compliance-related work.

If you have any questions about accessing Compliance Manager, we’re here to help! Reach out to or your Customer Success Manager to get started.

As always, stay tuned to the blog for the latest compliance news and best practices – only from your friends at SiteCompli.

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