Compliance Summer School: New Local Law Pages & Key Reminders

This summer, we’re taking your team to school. Compliance school! Join us for local law updates all summer, including today’s post on new local law pages and important reminders about what’s coming due for your portfolio.

New: Local Law 152 Page

As we start the next cycle of Local Law 152, we wanted to make it even easier for your team to make sure your Local Law 152 filings are done on time.

Enter your new Local Law 152 page! We’ve reorganized the way we’re sharing Community District information into a whole new page in your SiteCompli account, showing how your properties are organized and when they’re coming due over the next two cycles. And to ensure you have key resources at your fingertips, we’ve added notes and next steps at the top of the page in an easy reference box.


Local Law 152 due dates can be found on your Calendar, and synced over to Outlook, iCal, and Google calendars.

New: Local Law 97 Page

With the first filing date for Local Law 97 on the horizon, we wanted to make sure your team had a space to automatically check your buildings against the city’s four – yes, FOUR – covered buildings lists.

In fact, some properties are found on multiple “special” or non-standard lists, with varying requirements and first filing dates. We’ll surface anytime your properties appear on Multiple lists so you and your sustainability expert can ensure required reports are filed on time. (And if you need a good recommendation for a sustainability expert, let us know! There are some awesome folks and teams helping property owners navigate challenges like Local Law 97).


Local Law 97 due dates will be shown on your Calendar, and can also be synced to your external calendar.

For teams who have Compliance Manager, you’ll still be able to use your custom status tracking to ensure your team is on track for 100% each year. If you’re interested in seeing how teams are using Compliance Manager for Local Law 152 or Local Law 97, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Robust FDNY Information

In addition to new pages, we’re making sure critical NYC data your team has access to is even more robust.

For things like FDNY permit accounts, that means reviewing key data across not one, not two, but several separate FDNY resources. We’ll even surface the most recently published expiration date available regardless of source, so you can have the most updated information even when agency resources aren’t aligned. This way, you’ll have critical details on-demand for determining test dates, filings, payments, and more.

That’s just one of the safeguards we have in place to ensure your team has access to both timely and sustainable data across agencies and resources. We’re looking forward to sharing even more about how we’re always working to deliver the best, most reliable data to your team long-term.

That’s just the start of what we’ll be sharing this summer – there’s more to come (very) soon, so stay tuned!

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