DOB Launches Private Elevator Amnesty and Free Inspection Program

It’s well known among property managers (especially SiteCompli blog readers) that elevators in multifamily and commercial properties have to comply with a multitude of DOB requirements, including certification, cyclical inspections, and more.

That said, elevators in private buildings are often overlooked, and aren’t held to the same scrutiny. After an accident earlier this year, the DOB is looking to change that – they’re launching a program to legalize all private elevators over the Summer, and help owners perform initial inspections and tests at no cost. 

Per the Department’s Official Announcement:

Under the Department’s No-Penalty Elevator Legalization Program, Owners of these elevators will need to retain a registered design professional or licensed elevator inspection agency to file an application with DOB to obtain an NYC device ID and Certificate of Compliance. The Department will not issue any penalties or violations to the Owner if the application is filed within this 90-day grace period. If DOB inspectors determine repairs are needed, the Department will allow property owners sufficient time to make corrective repairs.

Owners of unregistered elevators who wish to legalize and register their unit should email the Department’s Elevator Unit at to schedule an inspection appointment or call (212) 393-2555.

The DOB officially launched the program on July 6th, and will not issue penalties to private owners within 90 days of launch.

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