Facade Cycle 9 Amnesty Program Details

Per a new Service Notice, the DOB is letting owners who failed to file Cycle 8 FISP reports (resulting in a status of No Report Filed or NRF) administratively close Cycle 8 with the Cycle 9 Report.

While Cycle 8 ended on February 20, 2020, the DOB is encouraging owners who failed to file to take advantage of this limited-time amnesty program. Here are some of the key things you need to know:

  • The Amnesty Program is only available for owners who failed to file Cycle 8 Reports
  • These owners will be allowed to file within the Cycle 9 reporting period regardless of their assigned Cycle 9 sub cycle filing period – this means you can submit your FISP Report anytime during the allowed amnesty period, even if you would have originally submitted a Cycle 9 Report during the years allocated to sub cycles B and C. Click here to see the filing schedule for Cycle 9
  • The amnesty period will be effective starting July 1st, and continue for 3 months. These dates may be adjusted at the discretion of the DOB.
  • The standard filing fee is required for the submission of the Cycle 9 Facade Report (no additional filing fee required for the administrative closure of Cycle 8)

The amnesty program does not waive late fees, civil penalties, or ECB fines accrued for failure to file a report. These must be paid prior to or at the time of filing.  

If you already submitted your Cycle 8 FISP Report, you’ll still need to submit Cycle 9 based on your specific sub cycle. Don’t forget – some rules have changed for filings going forward. Be sure to check out the DOB’s Facade FAQs for new requirements and our blog post for a recap of the updates.

Questions? Contact the Facades team at Facades@buildings.nyc.gov

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