FDNY Compliance Information In SiteCompli & Beyond

End-of-year is always a great time for review, and what better topic to cover than FDNY compliance information?

The FDNY is one of the most important city agencies when it comes to NYC local law. Not only are their regulations & enforcement directly tied to resident, tenant, and building safety, but they can also be one of the most complex agencies to deal with.

Here’s a roundup of where to find helpful FDNY details, best practices, and more – and a lot of it right inside your SiteCompli or InCheck account!

Where To Find FDNY Documents In Your Account

Whether you’re a SiteCompli or an InCheck user, your account gives you access to critical available documentation from the FDNY, including the below:

  • Available copies of OATH-related Notices of Violation
  • Available Supplemental Pages for OATH-related Notices of Violation
  • Available Violation Order copies 

Just navigate to the FDNY tab, click on the type of data you’d like to view (for example, Violations or Violation Orders), and look for paperclips. When you see a paperclip icon, you’ll know that the FDNY has available documentation for that specific infraction – and it’s right there for you to view.

Why Is This Important?

Documents like supplemental pages and Violation Order copies provide lots of details – including associated District Office & contact information, next steps, and more. The more details your team has access to, the easier it is to resolve FDNY infractions. Our team ensures you have any available copies accessible from the FDNY, all in one place – automatically.

Where To Find The Latest News

Our team tracks critical agency changes like new rules, requirements, and document updates. Take the FDNY’s most recent bulletin focused on e-bikes, for example. If you work with SiteCompli for annual safety notice mailings, we’ve got you covered. Updates like this are part of the critical content sent to your residents as part of the mailing.

Of course, any FDNY changes can have a huge impact on your properties and your business. That’s why we always share the latest updates here on the SiteCompli blog. Here’s some key posts you should check out, if you haven’t yet:

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Where To Find Specific Help

You can get detailed information like district office numbers and FDNY FAQs in the Support Center. Navigate there by clicking the question mark in the upper right hand corner of your account.

If you have a question about a specific violation, Certificate of Fitness, or other FDNY item, Live Chat is the best way to get answers, fast. Just click on the chat icon in your account (available from 9 AM – 5 PM on business days), and our team will help you out. You can also reach out to support@sitecompli.com anytime.

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