Are You Ready for The Newest Residential Fire Safety Requirement?

Combustible Back of Door notice

[2021 Compliance Update] NYC Owners must now confirm that Fire Safety Notices are posted on the back of every unit door.

Here’s our breakdown of this requirement, and what you need to do to comply:

Who does this apply to? Multifamily buildings (including condos and co-op boards) must comply with this new requirement.

What is a Fire Safety Notice again? The Fire Safety Notice is a small (no larger than 6” x 9”) sign that outlines safety instructions in case of a fire emergency. There are two city-approved versions – one for combustible buildings, and one for non-combustible buildings. These must be posted on the back of the front door of every unit in your properties.

How can NYC owners and managers comply? Per the law, there are two ways you can comply with this requirement:

Mailing Response Inspection Program
You can mail a notice to each resident, asking them to indicate if the notice is present (similar to current annual safety notice mailings for window guards). You can establish an inspection program where each unit is checked at least once every 3 years to “ascertain the presence and condition of the fire & emergency preparedness notice”

What if our resident doesn’t respond to a mailed notice? If a resident is non-responsive (if the form is not completed and returned by “the next April 30th following the date of mailing”), you’ll need to inspect the unit within one year of the mailing being sent.

What happens if the notice is missing or damaged? If the notice is missing, the owner must “promptly arrange with the resident to post the notice.” Similarly, if the notice is damaged/not maintained, you’ll want to replace it.

What’s the risk of noncompliance? Multifamily-related audits have increased significantly over the past few years, especially those related to mailings. Failing to confirm that notices are posted or keep requisite records may result in increased scrutiny from FDNY & HPD, as well as potential fines. It may also leave your organization open to liability in the event of an emergency.

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