FDNY’s Proposed Emergency Checklist and Close Door Signs

The FDNY has proposed more fire safety requirements for residential buildings.

The end of summer is fast approaching and that can only mean two things: school is starting again and there are more proposed changes to the FDNY’s fire safety requirements.

Emergency Checklist

As part of the provisions of Local Laws 114 and 115 of 2018, the FDNY completely overhauled their Fire Safety Guide last year into a 30-page Emergency Preparedness Guide. Now, they’ve also developed an emergency planning checklist, along with the Department of Emergency Management and the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities.

This checklist serves to help buildings’ residents develop their individual evacuation plans and identifies actions that should be taken during an emergency and includes information for residents with limited mobility or other disabilities or special needs.

If promulgated, the checklist will need to be distributed in the same manner as the Fire & Emergency Preparedness Guide. You can review the distribution requirements for the guides in our previous blog post here.

Close Door Signs

Local Law 115 requires owners of multiple dwellings to post notices indicating that people escaping a fire should close all doors behind them and this new proposed rule also outlines the requirements for those signs.

The sign would need to be posted in building lobbies and the on the public hallway side of stairwell doors. It would be required to include an image of an ajar door with flames behind it and read:

In a Fire, Close All Doors Behind You!

Keep Fire and Smoke Out of Building Hallways and Stairs.

Keep Apartment and Stairwell Doors Closed at All Other Times.

Protect your Neighbors and Your Home!


Read the proposed rule and see an example of the checklist and specific guidelines for the Close Door Signs here.

You can provide feedback on this proposal by attending the public hearing on Thursday, August 20, 2019 at 9 Metrotech Center in Brooklyn or by submitting comments online or by mail.

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