First NYC Parking Structure Violations Issued & Cycle 1 Reminders

Per the latest from the DOB, the first NYC parking structure violations were quickly issued in January following the first required due date

Violations Issued For Subcycle A

According to a press release by the DOB, violations were issued for owners with parking structures in Subcycle A (Manhattan Community Districts 1 – 7) who failed to file inspections. Initial penalties were issued to over 400 owners (though appearance of these violations have not yet been independently observed by our team). Conversely, the DOB has received 655 filings, representing a 62% compliance rate.

Penalties are steep. Per the department, owners received an initial $1,000 fine, with a $1,000 penalty issued each month until the report is submitted. If the report is not submitted by the end of the year, a $5,000 additional penalty will be assessed. In total, failing to file a report could result in $17,000 penalties each year. Whether this will take the form of separate, individually issued violations or increased penalties upon filing remains to be seen.

Bottom line? Submit any outstanding reports for Subcycle A as soon as possible to avoid significant additional penalties. Ensure any additional parking structures in your portfolio adhere to future due dates outlined below. If you need help tracking and coordinating inspections (or storing annual observations), reach out to our team! Our Compliance Manager functionality can help ensure your team is on top of required filings and knows what you need to do for each Subcycle.

What’s Next?

  • Owners of properties with parking structures in Subcycles B and C (Manhattan 8 and higher, and all other boroughs) have a critical due date this year
    • The DOB has required these owners to submit a one-time observation by August 1, 2024
    • Typically annual observations must be performed, but don’t have to be submitted. These are separate from and in addition to the cyclical filing requirement
    • That said, the Department wants to “get more parking structure owners to investigate the structural condition of their parking structures on an accelerated timeline, with an eye towards catching potential problems before an incident occurs”
  • If owners in Subcycle B file their full report early in advance of August 1, 2024 (before the due date of December 31, 2025), it’ll count towards the observation requirement. Otherwise, they’ll have to submit both the observation by 8/1/24 and the full inspection by 12/31/25
  • Owners in Subcycle C have to do both – submit a one-time observation by 8/1/24, and a full inspection performed between 1/1/26 – 12/31/27 – the final due date in Cycle 1

You can see all these dates and requirements in our downloadable infographic.

Click here to download our infographic for Cycle 1 parking structure requirements. See what’s required for each set of Community Districts, and when, in one easy place.

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