New Report – How To Prevent Your Property From Becoming A Statistic

For the SiteCompli team, compliance data isn’t just about tallying numbers. It’s about analyzing trends, and more importantly, understanding how we can help owners and managers protect against those trends.

SiteCompli’s second State of NYC Neighborhoods report covers changes in violation rates over the years, examining which violations increased across all city boroughs. While our first report focused on DOB-ECB violations, this installment reviews infractions across multiple agencies, including Sanitation, FDNY, HPD, and more.

Click here to download The State of NYC Neighborhoods: Top NYC Property Violations.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this report:

  • Which violation saw a 125% increase of a specific Sanitation violation
  • The top HPD violations hitting managers and owners the hardest
  • The FDNY’s most frequently issued violating condition throughout NYC

But the information you’ll find in this report goes beyond the data – each agency section includes tips on how to avoid commonly issued violations. Using the report, you can ensure that your team is aware of what’s going on in NYC, and how you can proactively take steps to stay compliant and avoid violations.

Check out the latest violation statistics in NYC, and learn how you can prevent these violations from happening at your buildings. 

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