InCheck Smart Stickers Jump-Start Property Operations Work

InCheck’s Smart Stickers help your team jump-start property operations work across your portfolio. Dive right into specific routines, inspections, and more – just scan and go, and your team will know exactly what they need to do to get the job done.

Here’s just a few ways InCheck teams are using Smart Stickers to get more done with less, for all kinds of onsite jobs:

Smart Stickers For Assets

One of the most popular ways to use Smart Stickers is to capture details on key assets across your portfolio.

Let’s talk boilers. One of the “very best” best practices is to have a regular routine for monitoring the health of your asset. Regular checks help you identify any possible issues before they become critically expensive headaches. That said, having the resources (time, staff, etc.) to do regular inspections on every boiler at every property can be tough – especially when you have other burning priorities to manage.

Deploying Smart Stickers is a great way to help your team check in on assets when they have time – and ensure they don’t miss a single detail when they do. You can place Smart Stickers in your boiler room or near the asset, letting your team scan & document every time they enter the room. Automatically assign follow-up work to colleagues and vendors when there are issues, and pull up reports on-demand from your account.

It’s not just boilers – any asset that requires frequent checks can benefit from Smart Stickers: HVAC components, elevators, water tanks, cooling towers, and more. Smart Stickers make sure you capture the right data for the right asset whenever you check in. 

Smart Stickers In Key Locations

Beyond assets, Smart Stickers can kick off routines or collect critical information in lots of key areas at your properties:

Seasonal Routines

While InCheck has powerful automation that helps you schedule weekly, monthly, and sometimes even daily routines, Smart Stickers can help you capture details on things that don’t happen on a strict schedule. Take seasonally operated amenities like a pool. It’s important to capture details about the health of the water, and on what days certain treatments were done. With Smart Stickers, all you have to do is scan & go anytime you want to record information about the pool. Details are automatically saved to the asset and date-stamped, letting everyone on your team know when the last time pH was recorded or chemicals were applied.

Smart Stickers can also be used to fill in training gaps for seasonal or short-term employees. For example, if you hire summer lifeguards to help with pool treatment, maintenance, and safety, InCheck ensures they never miss a step in your routine.

And it’s never too early to plan for the opposite season. Smart Stickers can be used to document clean up from inclement winter weather. Anytime there’s snowfall, teams can scan their Smart Sticker to capture proof that walkways were cleared and salted, helping protect your portfolio from weather-related incident risk.

Capturing Critical Incident Info

Speaking of incidents, teams can use Smart Stickers to help staff capture critical details in the event of an emergency. Team members can manage an emergency, and immediately afterwards scan their Smart Sticker to document the details. Scanning automatically brings up the right incident form, making sure staffers know exactly what details to capture. And because it’s so easy and fast to use, it helps ensure no details are forgotten – another great way to protect your organization from risk.

Amenities & Unique Locations

Smart Stickers can also be used in key amenity locations, or other unique areas:

  • Note sanitizing steps in animal-friendly locations or common area gyms onsite
  • Log cleaning routines in dining or recreational areas in senior homes
  • Capture incident details or log required repair work in student common areas

And much, much more. The bottom line is, if you want to ensure your team did certain work the right way, you can use Smart Stickers to help them get started. 

Smart Stickers In Units

Smart Stickers are great for kicking off work in residential units. They’re small and non-intrusive so residents won’t mind them, but easy enough to scan so team members won’t forget them. Stickers can be placed anywhere for easy access – backs of doors, or even inside entryway, kitchen, or bathroom cabinets and closets.

Small square label featuring scannable QR code with title description "Unit Check In"

Any time you’re onsite and visiting a unit – whether it was by request or on-the-spot – scanning a Smart Sticker makes sure you don’t forget to check in on key things like detector batteries, expensive assets, or local law requirements. And depending on what you find and record, follow-up work will automatically be assigned to the right people on your team.

Getting Started

One of the coolest things about Smart Stickers? They’re entirely customizable. You can create Smart Stickers that look & respond the way you want them to – including any copy, design elements, or size.

If you’re interested in setting up Smart Stickers for your account, talk to your Customer Success Manager. We’re happy to help your team identify what work you’d like to start using Stickers, and how you’d like your Smart Stickers to look.

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