Supercharge Property Operations Work With The InCheck Yardi Integration

InCheck’s Yardi Integration is here, helping property operations teams boost their efficiency and cut down on wasted time – especially for critical projects like turns and make readys. Here’s how:

Cut Down Administrative Waste

For teams who use Yardi, it’s easier than ever to get your InCheck account started and ready to go!

InCheck automatically syncs with your Yardi account, pulling in key information for your properties, tenants, and units. You don’t have to provide us with a property list or rent roll to get your InCheck account off the ground – all your critical information is in place, ready to get to work.

Better yet – any changes in Yardi are sent directly to InCheck so you’re always up-to-date. Your team doesn’t have to worry about entering data in more than one place – whether it’s a new property or changed tenant contact information, InCheck will update without you having to do anything. That saves your staff from more administrative work they don’t need, and cuts down on the possibility of mistakes when entering information.

Start Turns Automatically

With InCheck and Yardi, teams can start their turn processes automatically, decreasing the time it takes to turn over a unit (scoring a better, faster ROI for your company).

InCheck can trigger any of your team’s workflows (moves, lease renewal processes, inspections, repairs, and more) from four key dates in Yardi: move in, move out, lease start, and lease end. 

That means the right people on your team will get work assigned to them instantly based on what your team’s protocols are. Need to perform an inspection with every new lease renewal? With InCheck’s Yardi Integration, you can start that work without delay. Want to reduce the time it takes to turn over a unit? Set your turn Workflows to start automatically based on your Yardi move-out dates, and kick off the process without having to log in, or even push a button.

And when your turn times are shorter, everyone benefits: your staff, your residents, and your organization’s bottom line.

Questions? We’ve got answers! Chat with us to see how your team can link your Yardi account with InCheck, and supercharge your efficiency today!

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