Major Updates To The Violations & Building Operations Guide

For 5 years SiteCompli has provided a resource that became revolutionary in the industry: The Violations & Building Operations Guide

Covering the biggest trends in real estate, and helping your team stay compliant, this year’s edition includes critical details that could have a huge impact on your portfolio. From equipment inspection updates to new agency regulations, the 2019 Violations & Building Operations Guide is an essential tool to preserve your property. 

Explore what’s new: 

  • New requirements for 5-year gas piping system inspections
  • Top tips for enforcing Standard Operating Procedures across your organization
  • OATH rules that may impact new or ongoing construction
  • The latest FDNY & HPD regulations now in effect
  • Evaluating your building operations tech stack

1500+ of your peers have downloaded this powerful resource and they’re using it to:
  • Train their team on regulation updates
  • Enforce Standard Operating Procedures
  • Stay ahead of inspections by using the compliance checklist
  • Maintain their building equipment

Download your copy and find out how new regulations will affect your portfolio!

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