Make Your Work Automatic with New InCheck Workflows

InCheck’s newest feature makes sure your team tackles projects the right way – your way – every time.

We’ve talked to a lot of property management teams about how they manage work, and the same challenge kept popping up:

How do you make it easy to make sure things get done?

Juggling vendors, staff members, tenants, and your own daily priorities can sometimes seem like herding cats. But it doesn’t have to be – in fact, adding some automation to your team’s operations can shave a significant amount of work time off of your day.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce InCheck’s newest feature, developed using feedback from property management staffers like you:

InCheck Workflows ensure your team’s processes are followed to the letter, and your teammates know exactly what to do for everything from routine projects to critical emergencies.


Here’s just some of the things your team can do with Workflows:

Standardize your team’s operations

Let’s say there was an elevator entrapment at your property – does your team know what to do for this specific emergency? If the property manager or super is out, or there’s a new staff member onsite, would they know?

The bottom line is this: no matter who’s responding to it, when it happens, or where it happens, your company’s standards need to be upheld in any situation.

Having a standard response to common (and not-so-common) occurrences minimizes risk and makes sure no required steps fall through the cracks. Your Workflow outlines exactly what needs to be done in the case of an elevator entrapment, and who’s responsible for each Task.

…and make your company way more efficient

How long does it take your team to roll out new policies, and actually implement them? Avoid countless meetings, wasted memos, and revised handbooks that never get read. When you want to make a change to a process through InCheck, just update your Workflow – that’s it! Save hours (and paper), and guarantee that your entire team has access to your new policies instantly.

When there’s less time spent talking about change or how to find information, more time can be spent actually doing the work.

Reduce training and onboarding time

Bringing on a new staff member always comes with an onboarding period. With Workflows, you won’t have to spend time hand-holding or reviewing all your team’s procedures when they can be found directly in your InCheck account. All you have to do is trigger a Workflow, and your colleague will know exactly what to do.

The more you can shrink that onboarding time, the faster your new teammate will be up and running.

Increase oversight and visibility

Large-scale projects always have dependencies – one team can’t get started until another has finished. InCheck Workflows let you confirm dependencies, giving the green light to your colleagues when their work is ready to be done. Save the time and frustration of backtracking through your project plan to find out where things fell through – know exactly who’s responsible for what, and when they need to get it done, just by looking in your InCheck account.

Compare your team’s processes against the best

How does your team research best practices for things you’ve never done? Or know whether or not a specific procedure is the very best way to work? Whether you’re looking to expand your team’s working knowledge or just measure the way your team runs things, you can do more and do better with InCheck Templates.

InCheck Templates are a catalog of Workflows compiled from industry standard best practices. You can access everything from steps for emergency handling to localized compliance to-do’s. Each Template is also fully editable, so you can add your own spin to each set of curated Tasks.

Workflows automatically set your team’s policies in place, and let your people get to work, faster.

Want to see Workflows in action? Reach out to our sales team to learn how you can access Workflows for your organization.

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