Watch the 2016 Mid-Year Compliance Check-In Webinar!

Mid-Year Compliance Check-In and How To Manage Your Compliance

Gotta learn ’em all: Understand what’s impacting your portfolio in 2016, and how to manage your compliance – watch the recording of SiteCompli’s 2016 Mid-Year Compliance Check-In webinar, held on Thursday, July 21st, hosted by Kristen Hariton and featuring Nicole Beletsky, Esq. from Cohen, Hochman & Allen.

What’s on the Agenda?

  • New DOB Construction Regulations
  • DOB Certificate of Correction SLA
  • New Violation: The EVCAT5
  • Introducing DOB NOW: Build
  • Cooling Tower Maintenance Basics
  • DEP Boiler Registration adjustments
  • FDNY Markings and Signage
  • HPD Elevator Referrals
  • The ECB Amnesty Program (DOF)

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