NEW FDNY Proposed Changes to Fire Safety Guides

The FDNY’s most recent rule proposal would change the content and delivery of your annual Fire Safety Guides.

The 2014 Fire Code overhauled Chapter 4, expanding information on emergency planning and preparedness – most importantly, increasing the scope of this category to include non-fire related emergencies.

To bring current policies in line with the code release, the FDNY has proposed a new rule for the existing Fire Safety Guide. If passed, a new document (The Fire and Emergency Preparedness Guide, or FEP) would replace it.

Here’s some of the things we’ll help your team plan for if the rule is passed:

Revamp of the Guide, from Cover to Cover
Not only will the updated Guide have a new name, it’ll be packed with new content covering all types of different emergency situations. The FDNY has released a proposed Appendix alongside the rule, showing an exact draft of the new Guide. There will also be an addition to Part 1, the building specific section. Owners must now indicate whether there is an emergency voice communication system in the building.
Changes in Delivery Frequency & The Bulletin
The Guide is currently delivered to residents upon move in, in addition to annually (during annual safety notice mailings period or Fire Safety Week). The proposed schedule makes a slight adjustment here, with a twist – in addition to move-ins, owners would be required to provide the Guide to residents at least once every three years. During the off years, a bulletin (no longer than 4 pages) must be provided to residents. The FDNY would prepare a sample bulletin, which may or may not include notices relevant to that year. For example, if there was an emergency involving specific equipment or actions, the bulletin would highlight these to prevent similar happenings going forward.

Changes in Delivery Frequency & The Bulletin
One of the biggest proposed changes is the allowance of electronic Guide distribution. If passed, the new rule would let owners deliver Guides electronically – and even includes language about a possible portal download in addition to emails. Proof of electronic deliver will require sworn affidavits “or other forms of approved record-keeping.”

It’s worth saying that this proposed rule won’t change the posted Fire Safety Notices, which have similar content.

You can read the proposed law in its entirety (including the revamped Guide language) here. If you’d like, you can also comment on the proposed law online, or attend the public hearing at Metro Tech Center on July 17th.

We’ll keep you posted on the accepted changes, when they’ll go into effect, and how SiteCompli can help manage these adjustments going forward.

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