Preparing for the Fall 2019 Season Roundup: Storefront Tracker Bill, New FDNY Proposals, and More

We’ve compiled a list of the latest most impactful new NYC policies that you should be aware of as you prepare and transition into the Fall season.

Start Preparing for Annual Safety Notice Mailings Now

Read best practices here

We’re kicking off annual safety notice mailing season NOW because the key to a successful and stress-free season is to prepare ahead of time.

Ensure that you’re updating your tenant records and your Fire Safety Plan (FSP), and don’t forget stove knob covers!


Stay Informed About FDNY’s Proposed Emergency Checklist and Close Door Signs

Read the proposed rules here

The FDNY has proposed more fire safety requirements for residential buildings, including an emergency checklist and Close Door notices.

If promulgated, you’ll need to update your Fire Safety Plan (FSP) prior to the annual safety notice mailings, as well post notices about the Closed Doors local law.


Get Ready to File More Paperwork for the New Storefront Tracker Bill

Read the details about the bill here

At the start of 2020, you will most likely be required to register buildings with storefronts and commercial spaces with the DOF.

The Storefront Tacker bill passed by the City Council requires owners to provide details about these spaces, such as size, location, rent, etc., in order to use the data to address storefront vacancies in the future.


Ensure that Your Properties Are Prepared for the Fall Season

Review standard operating procedures here

The weather is changing and your team must plan for it. Ensure that you have standard operating procedures in place for all expected (and unexpected) challenges that the season brings.

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