Recent Law Changes: What you Need to Know Going Forward

The landscape of compliance laws has gone through some radical changes in 2016. From new FTC Screening guidance to updated gas safety regulations, SiteCompli has constantly kept you informed on the new legislations and how to adapt to them. To help get you prepared for 2017, the SiteCompli 4 Weeks of Compliance looks back at some of the most critical and complex compliance changes of the past year.

Missed one of our 4 Weeks of Compliance videos? No worries! Here are the highlights you need to know:

FDNY Violations and Summonses

The FDNY is starting to label certain Notices of Violation as FDNY Summonses to be heard through the ECB. Visit our blog for more information on the difference between FDNY Summonses and FDNY Notices of Violation.

New HPD Referral Program
A new local law requires the DOB to report any uncorrected Class 1 elevator violations to the HPD. HPD-involved risks include tax liens, litigation, or forced repair from city-approved contractors.

New Construction Regulations
With new legislation, construction superintendents will need to be thinking about their newly expanded scope of responsibilities.

New Elevator Violation – The EVCAT5

This new elevator violation is issued for failure to file a Category 5 load-bearing test and imposes a $5,000 fine for every non-compliant device. Though only certain devices require Category 5 tests every 5 years, it is crucial to be aware of what is needed for your elevators.

Make sure to check out the full 4 Weeks of Compliance videos to learn more about how compliance is changing and what best practices you and your team should implement in 2017.

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