The One Step You’re Missing in the Due Diligence Process

What if you could make business-critical decisions using relevant, updated data in hours instead of weeks?

This month, SiteCompli introduced Due Diligence – a new feature that allows users to view critical compliance data for any prospective property in New York City. Violation counts, trackable equipment, tax and transaction history and more are all laid out in a printable, professional report.

Most importantly, Due Diligence empowers organizations to make important decisions using available information – like whether or not to pursue a new asset, or how to develop a successful onboarding plan for new management business. The best part is that Due Diligence reports can be generated on demand, directly in SiteCompli, and be ready within hours or less. It’s the most efficient way to make sure your team can make smarter decisions while saving time.

At SiteCompli, we believe compliance isn’t just about tracking alerts or being reactive – your organization can (and should) leverage compliance data to grow and operate your business more effectively. We’re committed to developing new ways for you to access even more information and, more importantly, make it actionable. Due Diligence is just one example of using innovation to drive your business and strengthen your team’s operations.

Be the hero that your acquisition team needs and deserves – use SiteCompli to run Due Diligence early in the new business process, saving time and frustration by making data-driven decisions from the start. 

SiteCompli users can log in and access this feature at any time. Reach out to our team if you’re interested in learning more about how you can use Due Diligence.

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