Three Updates for Recent Gas Regulations

We’re following up on our previous post with some quick updates straight from the Department of Buildings.

On Local Law 151, the DOB is currently performing final inspections on all permitted gas piping system work in Manhattan. This will expand to all boroughs before the end of 2017.
For Local Law 154, utility companies and building owners are now required to notify the DOB if gas is shut off due to safety concerns, and not restored within 24 hours.
Local Law 158 (Gas Piping Work Civil Penalty Amnesty Program) is set to begin on April 5th. Any associated Department of Buildings civil penalties for legalization of fuel gas piping systems or a violation for work performed without a permit associated with fuel gas piping systems will be waived if:

  • The work was performed or the violations were issued prior to April 5, 2017 and civil penalties have not been paid; and
  • Applicants obtain a permit to resolve the improper work between April 5, 2017 and October 5, 2017; and
  • Applicants have the job signed off by the Department one year from the day the permit is issued.

Stay tuned for future updates about the recent package of gas piping legislation!

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