Upcoming NYC Requirement: Address Postings at All Building Entrances

The city council’s newest building requirement will impact every entryway across your portfolio. Buildings will now be required to post an address at each entrance to the structure – not just the main entrance. This requirement was passed with first responders in mind, ensuring that emergency personnel won’t be delayed when responding.

Buildings who fail to comply will be fined $250 initially, and $50 daily after a 30 day correction period. That said, no agency is currently responsible enforcing this policy and doling out these fines. Borough presidents are hoping a buildings-related agency (DOB, perhaps) will act in their stead.

Some questions remain – how big does the address signage have to be? Where does it have to be located specifically in relation to the entrance – that must be answered by the enforcing agency. We’ll let you know if and when there are any additional details for this new requirement.

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