Video: NAJO Consulting Explains PBS Permit Compliance In NYC

Neal Altman from NAJO Consulting is back in the latest entry in our expert video series – this time explaining PBS Permit Compliance in NYC.

Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) Permits are managed by the Department of Environmental Conservation – a New York State agency. While DOB also has a hand in some compliance here, there are key things you need to be aware of. Watch the video to find out what’s required for different categories (1, 2, and 3) and tank types – including various examples of ASTs and USTs. You’ll also learn about weep holes, retaining walls, and the permits themselves, and get helpful visual examples.

Watch The Video:

Check out Neal’s expert video about Local Law 31 here. You can also visit the website for NAJO Consulting to find out more about Neal’s team, and how they can help you manage environmental compliance.

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