What Property Managers Are Planning: Top Scheduled Routines In InCheck

What kinds of work are property managers scheduling on a recurring basis at their buildings?

Last week we took a peek at some of the most frequently-assigned Tasks in InCheck. This week, we’re looking at routines. Here’s what people are automating across their portfolios:

Required Annual Inspections

Annual Inspections can be required by law (like NYC’s Local Law 55) or mandated by your organization. In either case, it’s never a bad idea to document the health of your assets regularly. Some of the scheduled Inspections we’re seeing are for things like basic elevator operations and cleanliness, boiler room reviews, or amenity area inspections (pool area, gym rooms, etc.). Pro tip: InCheck has over 20 different inspection input fields (and growing), so you can customize the types of information your team regularly collects. Customer satisfaction scores, ratings, choices, numbers, and more – it’s easy to always capture what you need, and make sure it’s saved.

Seasonal Grounds Inspections and Maintenance

Spring has sprung, and with it comes regular grounds inspections and maintenance! We’re seeing a lot of lawn care, pest control, and gardening routines being performed by team members and vendors alike. Another pro tip: if you’re performing a visual review of the grounds and building exterior, create an Inspection template in InCheck. If you’re performing work directly, creative a Preventive Maintenance template you can use and re-use. That way, you’ll be able to track how much mulch was laid down, what exactly was cut and trimmed, and more – every time your grounds routine is performed.

Regular Vendor Appointments and Reminders

With InCheck Workflows, it’s easy to remember what has to get done every time you reach out to a specific vendor. Do you need to collect renewed insurance documents? Speak with a particular person? Every part in your process is laid out in InCheck, step by step. Scheduling your vendor appointments for regular occurrence automatically assigns each step to the person or team responsible for handling the job. So when it’s time for your monthly window washing, your finance team can take care of processing payments while your property manager coordinates the right date, all without you having to reach out and give them more information. Your team will know exactly what to do (and when it’s due) so you can actually get it done.

What kinds of Workflows are you scheduling with InCheck? Let us know at mktg@sitecompli.com. And learn more about Tasks and Workflows here.

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