What Property Managers Are Doing Every Day: The Most Tracked Tasks In InCheck

Ever been curious about what’s at the top of your fellow property managers’ to-do lists? We were!

So we asked several InCheck teams what their most frequently issued Tasks were, and spotted three huge patterns:

Tenant Requests

From paint to plumbing, and everything in between – individual tenant requests take up a number of open and in-progress Tasks across every InCheck portfolio. It makes sense – when you’re collecting all your tenant requests in InCheck, it’s easy to make them all actionable by turning them into Tasks as you evaluate them.

Here’s a best practice we noticed: add a label to the title of your Task to denote things as a Minor Issue or a Major Issue (or any other type of rating your team uses). This helps your colleagues quickly see if you’re dealing with a lot of small issues, a few major ones, or a combination of all of the above. Also, the more specific your Task title, the easier it is to prioritize without drilling down to get more details.

Signature Task Types

Task Types require your team to capture specific information within InCheck in order to close a Task (instead of just checking it off when you’re complete). For example, you can capture a picture, save an Inspection, log a maintenance routine, and more. One of the most frequently used Task Types is the Signature Task Type, which (as you can probably guess) requires whoever’s performing the Task to collect a signature. Tenants, vendors, visitors, whoever you need – signatures are captured and saved in InCheck, ensuring your team is covered should you need them down the road.

Local Laws – Violations, Requirements, and More

Whether you’re renewing permits in Chicago or dealing with Local Law 55 in NYC, InCheck users are assigning super-specific Tasks to their team members to both prevent and deal with local law regulations. This way, if you’re addressing the issue onsite or gathering paperwork back at your desk, you know the exact steps to deal with every local compliance issue.

Of course, this is just the tip of the Tasks iceberg – one of the best things about InCheck Tasks is they’re entirely flexible to the way you and your team handle work! To learn more about what you can do with InCheck Tasks and Workflows, click here.

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